Hoscope for Virgo 2015 – 2016

Virgo Horoscope for the coming year

Born under Virgo you are high achieving, but modest about your gains. fastidious, tidy clean and perfectionist, disliking incompetence, critical of inefficiencies you show irritation over trifles, but you survive the bigger crisis in life more calmly. Virgos are passionate, health conscious, and like fairness, too many injustices in your own life. The Virgin in Winter, I should have written this for you in the Autumn I know. I did not forget you, Virgo, but work and everyday life with its own hard rains got in the way. As I collect and sweep the last of the autumn leaves that rustle on my path, I thought that your life too Virgo, is going to see some sweeping changes in the year ahead.

All Virgos have Saturn’s slow transit through your fourth house,. The Midsummer 2016 has Jupiter conjuncting the Luna nodes in your own sign, which is deeply karmic. Read more of this, and your Virgo year ahead on my website.

Virgo, is an autumnal sign, representing the harvest. The corn maiden in English folklore. The fixed star Vindemiatrix, which old astrologers placed in Virgo, but some modern ones place in Libra, is the gatherer of grapes.

For some Virgos born in the last days of August and first two weeks of September Neptune is opposing the sun and the star of Vindemiatrix, while those born, a little later have a Chiron opposition. So much for the stars in the night sky, but what do they mean?

There may be changes to do with your home and domestic life, you may begin to think about leaving or moving home. The breaking of former ties to a place, home ties. This may also be as a result of working conditions, work needs to be done on a house, money to be spent that may not be forthcoming for it.

Damage and renovation to a house that is old and rural, may be your home or an older persons home, as the aspects sometimes has to do with the parents home, the past home, the old home, generations past and future and ending of ties, The empty house, the empty nest, for some. A feeling of the march of time, you grow older or others around you do. There could be a property connected to you, or which you buy, or rent. Issues to do with walls. land, commitments related to property, like leases, mortgages, legal matters may come up for review. Responsibility’s towards an elderly persons will increase. The sense of duty may weigh heavily or be demanding, but an elderly person in your life will need help or assistance and will have problems with the hip, the leg veins or with walking.

A place that has mountains and crags, that is rural, old villages, and travel there, a kind of health food like Kurds and whey, or yogurt associated with it. This will nourish you. A white cross or white statue high on a hill. The sense of inner weakness and fragility in you is hidden by an exacting personality. The need to be efficient and perfect in all that you attempt, highlights the inner vulnerability, and reflects your need to protect yourself from the harshness in the world around you.

The Luna node aspect next year is karmic, the beginning or the ending of an important relationship. This is the period when some Virgos will meet their true soul mate but for some the karma will bring tragedy instead. With Jupiter you will prey,, something to prey about, yes even you who are more logical than religious and those prayers will be answered but in a complex way. A lingering way. With Neptune opposing your sun, you should avoid drink or drugs, dreams deluded people and paths of misdirection. If you were born first week of September, s Someone with a drink or drug problem will almost certainly have to be dealt with., The karma of Neptune is of loss, or forsakenness it is about reversal of fate, notoriety, scandal and down fall. Is a ponderous planet, it gives riches or the dream you dream materialized one day, takes them back the next.

You have a need to set high standards. A need to create order and precision in your life. This year you will be critical of lack of logic and order in the way others make decisions affecting you and your life. You perceive confusion or disorder as threatening or fearfull. Immaculate appearance especially for work. A new garment of light speckled grey green. Anxious about health But your health in the coming year I generally will have only one crisis or ailment. It is other peoples health that could bring major changes to your own life.

Fearfull of poverty and loss of income, can suffer anxiety attacks about other people health. Restless when anxious, especially between midnight and the early hours. when alone. A need to surround yourself with objects of art or beauty, or beautifull settings, this will be healing.

For those Virgos with Neptune opposing the sun, Fevers and colds are likely and will be lingering, hard to throw off. And caught from inadequate shoes damp feet and being out in torrential rain storms. For others temporary addictions, nervous exhaustions and anorexia’s hover like a dark crow in the background of general good health.

Hay fevers with burning eyes and swollen eyelids in summer, cystitis and dread of the cold in winter, night sweats., slow loss of weight. Easily upset by tainted food. Digestive organs intestines, pancreas, sensitivity to toxins in water, feet and toes getting wet.. Nervous troubles. You have Pluto in the Fifth House there is a destiny for secret but passionate obsessive love affairs that have past life links. A lover or soul mate who is at first somewhat out of reach. Unrequited loves, overseas people, a mystic or mediums. Drunken people, old people. Girl with a balloon, all will figure in your life.

Saturn’s transit through your fourth house, has a connection with ancestors and ancestral matters and unites us with the family and its past. Any planets in this house, brings karmic associations with past generations of your family. significant family issues will need to be cleared up this year.

You are a survivor, perhaps the only one. In your personal life this year, you may feel that your living your days in disguise, being someone else with your appearance or your every day life not representing your true self. You feel you belongings another place, another role. That you should look different, be different That there is a different person inside of you that doesn’t fit with your present life and surroundings and is drawn back half unwillingly to former era’s and former lives, the past and old places. Like a kind of homesickness, but where you cannot consciously remember the place or era, or what you are searching for, or where you were when you belonged and felt so right and happy. Only that you want to find it again.

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