Virgo Birthday horoscope


I have been neglecting your horoscopes for year ahead, apologies for this but to make up I will prepare horoscopes for all signs for 2016-2017. Virgo’s birthday is coming up so I will start there, others will be up very soon, Subscribe to receive notification of new Posts and other news.

Horoscope for Virgoastrology_series___virgo_by_feiyan for the coming August – September 2016

When the sun transits Virgo in your birthday month, your ruling planet will also be there. Personal matters will be taken very seriously but your thoughts will keep drifting to past, and it might be hard to move forward in your private life and relationships. Mercury will turn direct on the 22nd September and then you can move forward. For some Virgos, mostly those born early in the sign. love will be linked with someone who is sturdy in body, handsome in face, dressed in black, or in greenish grey garments, hard working and independent, but the flame of love may not of a permanent nature. You are fellow travelers on the roads of life, opportunity, that’s all. Virgos who have Virgo rising, may find separation and endings, troubles in marriage looming but for other Virgos the outlook is better. You will meet someone cheerful and brass and over done in appearance or dress who feels lucky or sets store by luck and chance. Door keys and locks figure in life this month. Seeing a dice or a Dalmatian dog in an unusual place. This is a message your own luck will change around the 18th. You’ll meet a younger friend who has put on a little weight, You will think about going back, returning to someplace that appeals Deep inside you know this is the beginning of a very significant year in your life. A year when you’ll be back in charge of your own life, but major decisions should be left until after the 22nd, you’ll change your mind several times before then. There will be a reminder of a chiropodists, manicurist or medical appointment. And a trip to a new place that makes you recall an old or more familiar one. The nodes in your sign mean the family circle and cycles of life are also important at this time, the ebb and the flow of life. If you want to make a wish do it on the 12th, for best results, Expect a message from a distant place.


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