Ivarna’s Soulmates Readings イヴァルナ ソウルメイト リーディング; you may now place your order here from any address world-wide, including Japan, USA, and Europe.  If you need a translation  of your Soulmate reading  to your language, please ask.  Order direct from this page or contact Ivarna for help. Quick language translation link on the right may help with these pages, if you need help to understand these pages please ask.

Your Soulmate order will be completed at first opportunity, can take five to six weeks depending on demand, but if you need it quickly I am sometimes able to work a little overtime to complete your order within one week, you should add the Urgent Option to your order. You will receive your Soulmate reading by email so please make sure I have your correct email address.  Ask if you require printed and posted, there may be an extra charge for this.

Prices of Ivarna’s Soulmate readings are subject to change without notice. Currency is UK Pounds(GBP)  You will be taken to PayPal’s secure website to complete your payment using your bank card or PayPal account, please make sure PayPal unit is UK Pounds(£). A currency Converter shown right will give the price in your own currency.

Please remember to add your birth details on the order or use contact form to send your full birth details; Date (Day/Month/Year), Time of birth and your birth Town or City and country, or see Rectify Birth Time if time is not known. Second Soulmate is for the next soulmate, see Second Soulmate page

Soulmate One; £125
Soulmate Two; £150
Soulmate Three; £150
Soulmates Two and Three £225
Soulmates 1,2 & 3  £325
All Soulmates, £425 One, Two, Three and Four
Soulmate Four; £150
Rectify time of Birth, £75
Compatibility, £295
Second Soulmate, £150
Special Questions £75
Add Urgent Option, £50
For a rectification read Rectify page.
For Compatibility (Synastry) you should send birth details of the other person, and some background information about any difficulty or questions of the relationship. Please use Contact form to send details.
Orders are completed as soon as possible but may take up to 6 weeks,  but if you need it quickly please use the Urgent Option, but you will always receive my earliest attention.

2 thoughts on “Order

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Ivarna:

    I long to request your second soulmate from Japan. However, it is not available in Japan. I need your help to see other future which I expect to be really happy. Can I order second soulmate directly from your website?
    I hope for a favorable reply from you.

    Yumi from Japan

    1. Ivarna Post author

      Thank you for your comments, Yumi. Yes you can order direct, if there is something my website does not show that you would like then please ask, I will be happy to hear from you, Ivarna

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