Soulmate two

Once you have read Your Soulmate volume One you will, as most others do, want to read your Soulmate volume Two.  Following the success of my Soulmate charts, many wonderful clients wrote back for more information about their soul mate, so I developed a follow up reading, now known as Your Soulmate volume Two. Your birth chart holds much about you, and much more about your Soulmate. This reading takes the first Soul Mate reading a step further and is equally as detailed. In Soul Mate Two I describe your future partner’s figure, stance, and manner in more depth. I will also describe the place or circumstance under which you will meet, assuming that this shows in your individual chart, occasionally it doesn’t. I will add more about his life and background, and will also tell you something of your future life together.

Please don’t mistake this as describing a second soulmate, for that request the Soulmate the Second one, you can give a brief explanation of your reason for wanting your Soulmate Second time, this may help me provide you with exactly what you want.

You can order your Soulmate  Two on Soulmate Order page, click the add button below and go to your Shopping Cart to complete the checkout securely. I will send your reading by email direct ot your inbox, so please make sure your email address is correct. You will need to have ordered your Soulmate One before you can order Soulmate Two. You can save yourself a little time and money by placing your order for Soulmate One, Two and Three all together, on the  Order page.

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