Soulmate three

If you want more, as so many do, you can have more, in Your Soulmate volume Three. I can delve deeper into your chart to uncover details that are not yet shown in volumes One and Two, but you details you really do want to know.

What will be your first impressions of him ? We try to listen to the voice of your soulmate,  and how he communicates. We also look at the hands and how he uses his hands. We search for more information about his family. How you will meet, the courtship, his health and more. What I can tell you is only what I can discover from your birth chart, sometimes, rarely, things are not as clear, not so easy to define, if this is the case I will say so. Everyone’s birth chart is different, but that is not to say your soulmate will be totally different to everyone elses, your Soulmate Reading may have a similarity to another, but to you your Soulmate will be a one and only, you will know, when you meet, you will understand.

Your Soulmate Three reading will be of the same high standard as Soulmate One and Two, it may be a little shorter, as this is quite advanced chart analysis and these details are spread thinly. But do not judge by quantity, after reading your Soulmate One and Two you will know I do not fill your readings with un-necessary fluff and waffle,  the results will be just as startling and quite revealing. Your can order your Soulmate Three on order page,


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