New Year Message

As the year comes to its close, a retrograde Mercury will conjunct the Sun and, turn all our thoughts to the past to things left and lost.

For Capricorns, it will be decisions about partners, and you go out in your old jacket and shoes again. Aries much thought is given to Career, but there is also closure on a past event emotionally.

The Sun asks Aquarians not to dwell on difficult problems, Venus begins the year in your sign, so a wonderfull year for finding love. Closure and endings of a different sort comes for some Libras and Geminis.

Taurus will be happier at home, but reluctant cold difficult journeys may be demanded. Both Taurus and Pisces will drop or misplace their keys.

Cancer and Virgos can look forward to a pleasant reunion and greetings or a get together with old friends. Leo has to nurse his cold, his sick headache or other health maladies, risks missing appointments. Scorpio, a past place or environment calls you to revisit twice.

Sagittarius, count your money carefully, you’ll be short changed. For Pisces someone in your past wants very much to hear from you, and someone wants to make up.

For all Zodiac signs, new friends and old friends, absent friends, those who will always have a place in my heart. God walks between you and all the empty spaces.

Now lets have a merry toast to Mercury going backwards, Yrucrem Edargoreter ! and I wish you good health and happiness in 2017, Ivarna

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