Libra Horoscope 2016-2017

This year Jupiter has entered your zodiac sign of Libra, where he will remain the whole year long. Jupiter strengthens the fortunes of Libra, and gives you strength to leave behind confining and restrictive situations. Last year will have been a difficult year for Libra, you will have seen the inside of a hospital or institution, and a hard school where lessons are learned. You will have done some good and paid your debt to those close for Jupiter is the sign of charity and kindness. Now you can set down the burden, but it will have seemed as if your footprints are fading into the sand of time and the past falling away behind you, with nothing to reclaim. This year it gets better.

This year is just for you. There is happiness for Libra, independence, and love, your circle of friendship widens. In February a former friend returns to your life a little bigger and more colourfull than the last time you met. Male Libra could fall for someone of artistic appearance with designer jewelry and long wavy hair a round that time. November also sets you heart alight with one of those mysterious yet promising encounters with someone slightly older who has charisma, but Jupiter’s influence is that these fleeting dreams do not last, they are there to be build on, or lost, depending on your own action, but it can still warm your solitary heart for a moment. This is also a year for remembrance.

There is a psychomatic tendency, you will worry about your health may find symptoms that fortunately turn out false. Leg veins or leg muscle, swollen legs, slowing of the urine, an inclination to skin blemishes and inability to loss weight, addictions, disturbed sleep, insomnia.

A haunting movie or film that will fascinate you because it will seem to be like a ghost of yourself, or someone you knew. This year the real and the surreal seem to morph into one in your life. Where does the dream end, where does reality begin. This year a troubled marriage, or else you will be consoling someone close who has relationship problems and divorce looming.

In three to four months and encounter with a stranger in the form of someone in your area who wears sports clothes, trainers and likes dogs, drones, and some kind of flying toy or gismo. Libra will find November is also a romantic month, when you will glimpse the image of your ideal love at a distance, and it will leave you thoughtfull mellow and regretful in mood.

For Libras who need to pass exams, or gain diplomas and accolades, this year, there is great success, especially if it involves law, politics, medicine it art. But those of you just beginning a course this year will find yourself dull minded and slow to learn, before the year is over you’ll consider quitting, but perseverance will get you success, so stay with it if you can.

Those Libra reaching the age of thirty and also those coming up to 40 in the year ahead. A step up. This will be the beginning of a period of notable rise in your life, and worldly progress. But Libras approaching their 50 years be careful this year with money. You could make bad investment. A new baby in the family will make you feel young or old or b both at once.. You will go to a spiritualism, mystic or psychic meeting or event. The Neptune conjuncts the Luna node in youth twelfth house. You could have a very strange experience, so odd you’ll think it mad, or mystical, unexplainable or unaccountable, and it will remain with you.

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