Horoscopes Summer 2016

Look ahead to what your stars have in store. Like this post if you would like to see your complete Year Ahead for all signs.

A hard decision about money lies ahead. There are also lessons to be learned from older people at a distance. There is something on your mind you want to talk about but it gets delayed. Or you cannot find the responses you want or the opening . Life feels cold, lacks love. Things change for the better soon. You need more faith in the future, faith in love and in fate to bring you the solutions. Or to take the problems out of your hands.

Talking about the past. Remembering someone. The past can become future. Money aspects are good, and a rich old lady you will encounter while traveling, will tell you how she got rich and an interesting story about her life. Your love life will be soon be in ascendancy with a puzzling attractive dark stranger who captures your attention with an enigmatic smile.

You have improved the way you look. Two options for romance, one old, one new, its nice to have choices.. Seeing someone dressed just like you, is a sign of good fortune. You will visit a house that would be your dream home, if only you could have it. Yet you are linked with this house or one very like it, through karma or fate. You will also loss an item, a cloth item. Winds of change, and winds blowing.

Pluto retrograde makes you think about new things and the way you’d like to change your life for the better. But little may actually get done towards it. A difficult to understand family situation will seem to be getting out of hand. But there is the prospect of distant travel for you and escape from it all. There is also a boat or a journey by water to look forwards to.

Any new friends you make in the coming two months will be like minded people and will become permanent fixtures in your life. A serious looking handsome acquaintance will brighten your life. But avoid financial temptation, it might look like a big gain, but could result in a big loss further on down the line.

Gentle Jupiter in your sign opposing Neptune, contentment but the fear that it is all a dream that could melt like the morning mist. Hang on to what is solid and big and reassuring. And you wont go astray Relationships and travel both favoured. The next two months are an odd mix of opposites or contrasts but everything will blend beautifully and happily into the future.

Things you thought you were rid of appear to be returning to your life. There are obstacles to progress and many the time you will want the opposite to what you have. But love is also going to make a visitation to you. Your path will cross with someone you will wish you knew better, the old compelling aura that draws you every time. Try a smile or a word it might get you further than you think

Mars and Saturn retrograde in your sign slows the future down, and makes your decisions more difficult. A problem reoccurs in the autumn and will be ongoing. Other people drain your power and energy. Some one in a blue jacket gives you surprising news. Everything improves when Pluto turns direct in end of September. By late autumn a financial situation will be much clearer.

Your physical and emotional energy levels will increase and so life will begin to be fun again. Friends will think your more like your old self. Love interests in the next months will focus on a fit active partner who likes ball games and fighting games. Career and home matters will be the dominant force, and tension in your life. Something may change or may not be quite as it seems in those issues. Wear green for luck.

Music will feature in your life in the next months. It may be a concert or a new musical acquisition, but it will touch your soul. With meaning and seem to resonate with so much in your life, that your moved almost to tears. Seeing a white cat is a sign that a hope will be granted for you, or a prayer answered, but not necessity in the way you want, but in the way that is best, and you’ll realize that with hindsight. Love is in the air for you too, someone who watches or has noticed you but has not yet come forward.

You will discover something about the past, your personal past, that you did not know. This might cast a new light on an old sorrow or old events that you thought were dead and buried. Someone else needs to know, what you find. There will be a waste of money, you may as well have thrown the money in the river or down the drain hole. But can you recoup. A quarrel or difficult encounter. You will want to write home about it. A strange couple of months, older and wiser at the end of it.

Neptune and Jupiter your two ruling planets come into opposition. The meeting of similar and opposites, yes many Pisces will encounter their soul mate under this aspect. And many more will find that conditions in their life begin to change to put them in the right circumstance e and place for a future meeting. You have also crossed a line in your karma very recently and part of your life will begin to fall into place, so you can see the bigger picture.

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