Horoscopes Autumn Winter 2017 from Ivarna

It seems a long time since I added your Horoscopes, so with apologies for keeping you waiting, here are your stars for the coming months.

Autumn  and Winter are the season of decline where it waxes cold and fair and the winds of change drift through our lives. The stars always have something new  to disclose. These are the Zodiak forecasts to inspire and amuse. Astrologically the greatest change in the heavens is Jupiter’s transit into Scorpio. Then at the end of December Saturn changes sign. These things will have their effect on us all. But Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius will all see the most massive changes in the year ahead.

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In early Autumn a tendency to work hard, lose weight, loss appetite, but make progress. Winning by Winter,. Someone met in the course of  doing work stirs your desires your passions and jealousy’s and stirs another kind of hunger in Autumn., Amorous adventures, with someone dressed in black, and tawny browns are possible. Health problems of a private nature get better as times goes on  and money or goods owed to you from the  past are likely to be only partly settled. The full settlement not till the after the new year


Changes in a friends health, may be dismaying and  unexplained A possible mis-diagnosis.. Romance is   strikes you unexpectedly like a slap. A startling chance encounter with someone who looks astonishingly like a person you once knew. You are going in opposite directions, and that might say it all about the past relationship now. A long awaited journey to a rocky rural mountainous place made in the Autumn will see you  going back to that place again next summer. For Taureans looking to start university, don’t give up, if at first you don’t succeed, a second chance will come.  A modern building with dark glass in an old historic city, with much greenery is where you will end up studying.


You are going to buy some lovely items for your home. But if you’re planning a move of home, the time is not right. Jupiter enters sorrowful Scorpio in the autumn and could bring  you some unhappy news with it by phone or email. A time to reflect on endings. Winter is better and brings love in its wake. Look out for someone with chestnut coloured hair, eyes dark brown or dark grey and quick and darting. A fair complexion and strong sturdy body, rich and intelligent, what more could you want? Well Geminis always want more. So just for you, there is also someone taller, soft lighter brown or  mahogany hair, fair to florrid complexion, the odd pimple, prepossessing and popular and again a person of material wealth and substance, this one a wilder life but much admired. Take your pick. But the darker is likely to be more lasting..


Thoughts come round to your Career again. Winter is not helpful, quarrels in the family over education and ambitions. It is not the best of times to make important decision. It’s not that the aspects are bad, more there are fewer of them to help the flow of the tide, or get things moving. Jupiter’s autumn influence will improve your social life, and you will find  yourself with a bejeweled  dark woman of large proportions, who knows something of the future, or mysterious spiritual things. She will cheer you with her words. She is intuitive, but why not consult me too? Travel or outings for fun will see you by a lake  late autumn or early winter, and an unexpected gift could come your way. Your microwave or washer, or something domestic that rotates is on its last legs, a new one necessary by the new year I think, can you guess what it is?


Autumn sees you  wearing a more masculine image, it looks good. But you struggle to feel positive about yourself these days, what’s wrong. You are out of the ordinary and so good looking. But something seems to have been  destroying your self-confidence for a while now. Things will get better but it will take time. There are still some difficulties that are hidden from others, but known only to you, that need to be sorted out. Retain you’re a strong will. Any romances begun these seasons, will be to someone spiritual of ascetic in character. As Jupiter enters a new sign many Leos will come to think about either extending their house, a move of home. It is a good time to do so..


So what does Autumn and Winter have in its folds for you? A last visit or journey to a warm, watery city with large unique buildings is likely. Unexpected travel elsewhere. Long journeys. Yes a time of shifting around, and pre-planning. Take good care or beware of a large red or chestnut coloured animal. Accidents mishaps and unusual events come under this aspect, though not usually serious ones. Concerns about an older man’s health, possible visits to hospital, the urinary  system! Romance is long distance love that is spread out with letters or emails, something to put under your pillow to dream on, but Autumn  combines to bring a very stimulating much more earthy encounter. Life is busy and ever changing for a Virgo, try to make time to steep your sore feet.


You are about to enter a period of life when you will have more money. An increase is wages or a windfall is most likely this winter. You will see yourself with the  beginnings of a better life style. Your desires and ambition will  succeed.  When mars crosses Jupiter in your own sign, you will regain your inner strength, your will power, and you will be more assertive and able to sort out situations that you have left slide in the past. Love life will be given a boost when someone physically strong looking comes into your life, and rattles your cage. Major changes at home and work are possible, but these will turn out very much for the better. Ongoing problems will vanish into the past with such changes, so much so that you will wish that you had never delayed or hesitated.


Obstacles and delay subside in the mild mid-autumn and your wishes will go ahead. There is  great emphasis on money. A new source of income for some. Fears of overreaching yourself for others. A theme of Optimism and buoyancy will soon enter your life, there is a visit to a place with massive tall and ancient rocks. Where you will find new ideas and peace of mind. New partnerships or love, can take away the past problems, but are unlikely  until a few weeks after  new year’s. Elderly female Scorpios may have pains or problems in the hip, males the postrate, younger Scorpios may not have these troubles themselves but will be brought into contact someone older who does. They are  better by Winter. The Autumn is a time of resourcefulness, future planning, regeneration. Midnight blue, or Navy blue, dark inky blue nearly black is lucky.


Someone or something is going out of your life and will do so much quicker than you think, you will be the poorer for it. Your dreams and hopes flit away from you, but when one door close another soon opens. Unhappiness in love affairs and children, there are unjust situations in both these things that are just impossible to accept, but you have no choice but accept and live on. A change in working life will prove positive. While in the love and romance room, a person who is first a  friend and then a dear friend could soon become a lover. Someone with a purple scarf or belt is entrancing and will flit through your life like a bird,  you will thinks ‘yes I want to see a bit more of that’, and wishes can come true.


The late Autumn and Winter is a time of making new acquaintances and friends and adding to your social circle. This is not a romantic aspect as such. You are likely to be in the company of someone connected with the teaching or training professions who has interesting anecdotes to tell, also a psychic person will intrigue you. The world of new possibilities, and learning is open to you, and it will be fascinating and will take your life onto another level. You will visit a dark gloomy house. You will also see a sailing ship in an odd place. Horse drawn vehicles will appear, on route to some ceremony, and are a strange but lucky sight, a sign of pasts and futures, and times when one changes into another. Your life in general is going to get steadily better this year and will bring some lasting long hoped for things.


.A changed environment that took place in the past will either make you happy or else longing for things to back the way they were. Beware of minor mishaps while traveling, and of skinning your heel, or straining your back  lifting something too heavy for you, life is full of strange twists and turns but your back and  feet  don’t want to be part of them! Some Aquarians will be buying a larger or more luxurious car. Love in the autumn is very much down to chance. But an attractive visitor who has your ideal looks  but with a homely stance could call at your door and brighten up your day, so much so you wish they would call again. Career and working life is well starred for you, good for promotions, new jobs, and good for financial wishes coming true.


Restless in mind, and introverted in thought but not able  to make many changes, not even knowing what you want to change. Your partners or friends are secretive, and enigmatic, and  make no disclosures about what is going on. Travel is likely for you, long and short distances, but it won’t satisfy your restlessness. The inner soul need something more. You spend too much time looking back, but mid to late November will begin to see you getting over previous setbacks, more focused on the future. It also restores your physical energy’s and vitality. You will just feel better within yourself. Autumn  brings love that is brief and out of reach like a dream that you cannot capture. Also someone  else, of whom you have grown fond or familiar with, is leaving your life. Seeing something ghostly on a wet day, something that looks like something else is lucky.


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