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horoscopes for year ahead

Horoscopes for year ahead by Ivarna

Horoscopes Autumn 2016 by Ivarna. Your fate is hidden in the stars, Ivarna reveals what destiny has in store for you for the remainder of 2016.  If your birthday is coming up you can read your future horoscope especially for Virgo very soon, subscribe and we will keep you informed. If you are not a Virgo the you can look forward to reading your own stars as they are posted, so don’t forget to subscribe.

Events that were significant back in May and June, loom up on the horizon again. The autumn will stretch your patience, but is a time to try and resolve troubles in the family. To correct past mistakes. Try to quell you own inner rebelliousness and anger. Some Aries will be learning new computer systems. For others its a good to time to launch a business or a new invention. A time for innovation, competition. In love someone very different from you, different background, or lifestyle, who you have glimpsed before is the one to go for, but beware your jealous heart. The past however and all past chances are never really over. Love can be pain but it can also be second chances, and feeling alive once more.

With no planets in your sign, it should be smooth going,. Your prospects of autumn love lie with a dark horse friend whom you didn’t know or understand very well. Things in your life start to come to a head with the full moon in November which is your sign. Take care of your health, the legs ankles and the leg veins, your sure to bang you leg and get to bruised. The autumn is a time to take a new direction or start a to study a fascinating subject. A dark brown animal traveling in the wrong direction is an omen for your to think about a change course in life Accept an invitation it will lead on to interesting things.

The autumn begins with your ruling planet in Virgo, and retrograde, BY the end if September you will go back ion previous thoughts, decisions and ideas, so its wise advice not to make major decisions, especially about your home, property or places to live until late September early October. There is a long journey that you will hesitate over or a distant place that part of you wants to go, part of you wants to stay at home. This may have to be left until the new year or that period. Because obstacles get in the way trying to do so before then. For some Geminis study’s might also have to be postpones until the spring. But the good news is that someone as curious and as lively minded as yourself is coming into your life to brighten up your days and make you laugh.

The changes that have been gradually transforming your life since about April are likely to settle down in the end of September Improvements and things going on in your home town or neighbourhood will uplift, your mood.. But beware of the lights going out, or small mishaps in dimly places this autumn. Love for you this autumn is a pale skinned dark haired person with brooding or preoccupied looks and a black jacket and long scarf. But it goes slowly from conversation to conversation, and while it adds interest to your life, you may feel you are still waiting for the right one, the one who can turn your soul to fire and melt you thoughts into confusion. This is a quiet time as if the world is in abeyance for you and you are in no-man’s land, betwixt and between. But having said that its still a merry autumn, with drinks, and treats, and small bits of fun.

A gain in money, will be more than you think, maybe more than you deserve. As we move further into Autumn you prosperity will be evident, and you will be able to free up some of the previous restraints on yourself. Love is linked with leisure activities and a passionate encounter with an older person, brown haired big, healthy, strong and handsome, but might make promises to you that cannot be kept. Ah! Leo and love, you want to be the irresistible lion, but often you end up as the tame tabby cat. Late autumn early winter sees darker small cramped person dressed in black at the workers door, taking you attention for a different reason.

This autumn Jupiter leaves you sign, after being around for a year or so. But its not the end of an era, its only a beginning. You do have some decision to make, and money will be a factor in what you decide On the whole Jupiter’s influence on money is generally good but financial mistakes, or “would be” mistakes that go back to last autumn will not be repeated. For now you see things much clearer than then You want fall into any traps. How is love for Virgos in the autumn? Someone from the past and a far off place will look you up. Also someone from a learning or teaching association, who has a lovely voice or a way with words, will pass through your life like a lovely song, making you hope for a refrain to follow on, and it might but not just yet.

Unexpected things still keep happening to disrupt your personal life. September could bring you a really superb chance of love with a blond or light reddish haired person who has perfect features and a fashionable look. Jupiter the Joyous one comes into your sign in September, this can bring you love and prosperity, and a new greenish grey coloured garment to wear. Legal documents, forms and official matter at the end of October beginning of November could also result in many or a settlement of some kind of claim for you. So good luck Libra, you certainly deserve things to go well in your life..

The disturbing undercurrents of change are beginning to cast their shadow across the future.. This is a time when dark moon Lilith is in your sign conjunct a fixed star. Someone spying or investigating. Your past transgressions will be found out. And your future is no longer stable. You will stand on your own merits. This is a time for reassessment of yourself and others. New moon at the end of October can omen a new opportunity. Someone will be left behind, A crumbling building seen from a higher road is a symbol of someone once close who has encompassed their own ruin and doesn’t know it yet. Pluto turns direct in late October expect to make a major decision then, or to have an important decision or judgment made on you.

Financial matters will move ahead and it will be easier now to make decisions, that you have put off . Duty in your personal life that needed attention will also take up much of your time. With mars in your sign in September you will have more energy than before. Lady Sagittarius are likely to be attracted to a sports man, or athletic man. The attraction is mutual. Male Sagittarians look at a lady in a hat, who has a kind of off beat glamour. Music is in the air and entertainment, Seeing a fire basket, barb-e-que or other outdoor fire feature is an omen that the warm of romance will soon be nurturing your own life.

Pluto turns direct in your sign in late September, this is good news if you want the Career opportunity that could change your life, or a thin dark haired lover to mystify your personal life. A recycled garment in brown or black appeals to you a lot. And while you still in many ways feel you are struggling alone with your worry’s, and uncertain what is really going on in other peoples lives, this aspect throws a different light on things. You will travel to a place in the past, or one you have been many times before, the journey has nostalgia, but a hint of melancholy too, a feeling of past and future and the contrast between the two.

Your ruling planet is still retrograde. So it is hard to make the progress you want in life or love. Delays in flights and trains for you while traveling. A friend or lover wont heed your advice, but a new attraction who for Male Aquarius comes in the form of a girl in a red dress, and for Females a man in grey, will take your attention into wonderful thoughts of what life could be like, with someone like that at your side. Be careful of minor accidents in October. Crossing a moon shaped bridge over water is a sign that money will come to you suddenly in November.

The autumn may hold a difficult journey. For some its an inner journey of the soul, for others an actual journey. Issues and people from last summer, again enter your thoughts and life. If you are waiting to meet or hear from a distant love, November is the likely time, when your ruling planet Neptune turns direct. An old cottage like house or building with a new sign, near a painted door., is a sign that is seen unexpectedly, means that one of your wishes will be granted this year.

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