Christmas horoscopes

florence-helps-with-pruningWhile Florence keeps an eye on the Christmas tree, here is a brief glimpse into your future this very special time of year. Christmas and New Year are a time for wishing you happiness wherever you are in the world, and whoever you are. I can predict your future and help you find the outcome of any situation, I would especially love to hear from all my clients everywhere, including my many friends in Japan. Don’t be shy, email me, friend me on facebook, come to my website;, you have my full permission to contact me, I send you my love, my friendship and best wishes, may the stars look kindly on you all and guide you.


Uranus is retrograde now in your sign, so the last big shocking changes in your life will be over now, or soon. You can settle down to more routine things. You may have to concentrate on a partner, someone else needs and wellbeing and happiness for a time.. If you are looking for new love, someone born under Sagittarius, who is wholesome, well balance, wealthy and handsome is likely to arrive in your life, but may only be passing through, needs encouragement to stay put, in an ever changing life. The rebel in you is drawn to someone less conventional. Some of you are thinking about a soul mate reading and hesitating. I do extra special readings for everyone who come to my website;, where ever they are in the world.


Problems will abate for a time and a dilemma will not need resolving after all, at least not just yet. An elephant will delight you, and other colourfull things will get your attention. A health check up may be due, but there is noting seriously wrong with you All things that gave trouble before in all areas of your life are improving now and will continue to do so through the Xmas and New year. Be happy[y, be original. If love comes your way this festive season it will be someone you already know and the colours red and white and xmas patterns are lucky, and yes you will get lucky! and don’t forget to stop by my website; for Soulmate and Compatibility forecasts.


Time to slow down and take stock of life. You will have to go back on a decision or a promise, or may have to let someone down this Xmas and new year. There could also be bad feelings of a quarrel. This is not your fault but a difficult encounter with someone, who feels you are turning back on them or on issues around them. You can do without the stress and strain of others, but are very much in demand and could over book yourself. Love brings a glimpse of someone attractive, but then you change your mind on seeing more of this person, or on knowing more. Find out more about your future partner at my website; for Soulmate and Compatibility forecasts.


Astonishing news could come to you around the holiday season. With the new moon in your opposite sign then, it will be a time to renew old bonds and acquaintances with the past. Places or a house you haven’t seen for a long time will reappear in your life. On the love scenes, a dark haired lean younger person will capture your attention. But it may be early days for this romance, it needs to mature, to grow, to deepen before you know if it is going to be anything or nothing. For some Cancers a new pet, or unexpected small animal encounter will run through your life, or your house and garden and liven things up. You may like my little book; The Astrologer’s Dog, Florence, see my website; for more of this and Soulmate and Compatibility forecasts.


There are times in life when you must make your own choices, when the stars seem to have little to offer by way of guidance. Venus in your opposite sign suggests the Xmas season and New year is a good time for romance and stolen moments of love, infatuations and far off liaisons, but there is some obstacle to love too. With no transits in your sign, you may have to make extra efforts to get things to materialize. The dreams are sweet and sustaining but only for a time, more action is needed. The colours blue and purple are lucky for you at the present time. But you are finding life’s lessons hard to learn, and love is mingled with loneliness and longing. My website; has full details of Soulmate and Compatibility forecasts .


The north node weaves across your sign, and Neptune opposite. This has to do with phases in life ending or beginning and with a link to a place near water or sand. Or one with a ferry crossing. If looking for love, someone in the film industry or someone connected with spiritual interests may get more than a second look from you. Guard against tiredness, exhaustion, lassitude, the lymphatic system and infection. Start thinking about the kind of future you want to have. It is within your reach, new opportunities also wave at you, and lovers, but as yet just a little out of reach. Time for a astrological forecast maybe? If you live in Japan, or anywhere else, do come to my own website;, for forecasts, questions, answers too. I am always here to help you with anything.


Jupiter opposes Uranus in your sign. Unexpected gains and gifts in your personal life. Love comes in the form of someone, not slim, but fascinating and warm and worldly well established. A person in checks or tartan will say something that just clarifies your thinking. A pine cone is a omen of good luck for you. Travel also brings opportunities that you had not excepted to have, and you will return again to that place, even though you may think you wont.. Its all go for Libra, so take care of your health, life is happy but a little stressed due to all the activity. You will make a good investment and you will hear a very funny joke. At my website; you will find all about Soulmate and Compatibility forecasts, available to everyone.


Mercury turns retrograde in your third house over the Xmas and new year period., Your ruler is also in the third, so your thoughts will be on the past and things left undone, things that cannot now be changed. An old familiar environment gives a new insight.. Change is in your own hands not much happens in your sign yet. Love comes in the form of someone in odd clothing, and an old tune gets revived with a new theme. It may be time to have your soul mate chart done, or to make a special request to me. Be bold, you don’t need anyone’s permission but your own!


Saturn’s long transit of your zodiac sign has been depressing and burdensome, but you sun is ahead of Saturn now, so you may have put some things behind you, or will be able to do so over the Xmas and New-year period. If its been one step forward and two steps back this year, don’t despair, you will move ahead. For those Sagittarians wanting a child. This is going to be made possible in 2016. For the rest, take care of the leg and feet. If you want to know more about this or your future soulmate, or problems with your present partner, just go to, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


With mercury close to Pluto in your sign, you can use words in a direct, powerfull way. Avoid quarrels this Xmas season, but have your say, because you can change something that has long needed altering in your personal life. Underlying anxieties and worries will begin to lessen as we go further into the new year. Your own health or someone else has been an important issue. Change is slow but it does get better. If your looking for love girls, the older man wearing black with that thin smile and lean face likes you, and wants to make a new beginning in his life. To know more of your future, your soulmate; present and future, just go to, I will be happy to help.


A xmas or new-year celebration or ceremony with a difference for you. Unorthodox beliefs spark something interesting in your life. You live and learn, an you return to a place some distance away. If your looking for love a student or a teacher or someone involved in education is a good choice. There is something you want to know about your future. It’s a good time to have an astrology reading done. But the one you want is non standard, not listed, and not available in Japan, so simply come to me direct and ask. Your ruling planet is retrograde, so you want to find the way forward. I can help you find your way ahead with your life, your partner or new soulmate, just go to and ask.


Someone who looks so like yourself, looks out at you from a film, Its food for thought. Reflections in water and the archway of a bridge. Your mind is full of impressions, there is a psychic ellement here so don’t disregard your imaginings, you perceive more than you think. Male Pisces will see the beginnings of an important relationship, with a woman who is feminine, weak and weedy, careless in dress, likes pale colors and has an air of spirituality. Something seen at an exhibition is actually a symbol of you in the future. I can help with any questions about your future soulmate, or your present relationship, find me at, I am always happy to hear from my  clients in USA, UK and of course Japan.

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