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How is astrology individual?  This is taken from my reply to a client’s questions about Twin Souls, and how charts can be similar with similar outcomes for each, if two people with the same birthday has the same chart, so the same Soulmate. I thought it may be helpful to anyone who has doubts about thier own Soulmate Reading, so I print it here in the hopes it may offer some re-assurance.

Are the charts of  twins identical? If someone has the same aspect on their chart as  you do, will they have the same life? I have been thinking about twins a lot lately.

Old astrology books always say that no two people can never have the  exact same astrological chart and  even twins are usualy born at least four or five minutes apart. This is  true, and modern astrologers, including myself always think that no two lives are ever alike, so two charts cannot be alike. but the more experience we have of astrology, the more we know. How can some charts or some aspects  be the same?. A person can be born in a different place to you, different country even and different hour and minute, and yet their chart can be closer than that of an identical twin. But how does this happen?  Technically it is to do with time zones. Its like saying, if its ten o clock in New York, what Time is it in Tokyo? If  I’m born  on the 6th of June, 1960, at ten am, New York city and someone is born on that very same day in Tokyo, what time would they have to be born, to have the same the same star rising as me and a chart so identical to me that they could be my star twin?. The answer is 11pm.. The chances of me meeting that person, and being able to compare our horoscope are infinitesimal. Though the happy event of the internet improves this chance far beyond what it was when the standard astrology books were written.

Who else can have  virtually the same chart?.  Someone born in a different part of the same city as me or slightly further on in a different city a few minutes or seconds later or earlier to allow  for the miles between the births.  Possibly, yes,  but like  real sibling  twins there may be small differences  in the chart, the degree on the ascendant , the moon,  or a degree or a fraction of a degree even on a house cusp here and there, tiny things but  which like the charts of actual twin siblings can  make for  both similarities and big differences in events and life. It is down to the skill of the astrologer to discern the different fates of  sibling twins.

How individual is astrology generally; How individual is my astrology

Astrology in it most basic form is Zodiac sign astrology. Its fun, its often surprisingly accurate too, but its very generalized and everyone born under the same sun sign, regardless of their own birth date, falls under the same zodiac influence, the same fate one might say. We are all familiar with this in magazines and website, and conversations. And we all know if we are an Aries or a Taurus, and something of what it means to be that sign.

But we aren’t clones, what of the differences between one Leo different to another?  If your sun was in the second degree of Leo at birth, then your different to someone whose sun was in the 18 degree of the same sign Some astrologer only use the whole sign  not degrees. When I do your reading I take individual degrees into account. It doesn’t mean your the only person in the universe born under 18 Taurus, far from it. But this is just one  component of your chart., Someone with  the  28 degree of Taurus rising. may have poor eyesight or a scared or ravaged complexion, while someone with the 15 degrees will not. So if your born under Leo with a Taurus ascendant, your chart is not the same as someone else who was born under Leo with a  Taurus ascendant.  Even if they had the same degree of  sun and the same degree rising, when we add the other planets ,their houses and aspects and degrees it alters the chart  considerably.. Other components of your chart and life come into focus that make your chart diverge from theirs. The more factors we take into account, the more unique your chart and  subsequent reading becomes.

Most astrology reading are comprised of a mixture of extremely detailed unique work, that applies only  to you, along with some relevant but less detailed   components, If an aspect in your chart is exactly the same as someone else’s aspect.  Taking into account the degrees and houses and signs, then its likely that an aspect of your life is the same as that persons, even if everything else in your lives and charts is different. This is not uncommon at all, we often  gravitate towards friends and strangers who have similar interests, attitudes, or who have had  experiences that resemble our own, because we identify with them Even the characters in books and film we like may somewhat  reflect something  inside of us.. If we had the chance to examine their charts,  certain characteristic of their chart which outline the similar event or same attitude, would match our chart.,  not exactly match, but it would run through our chart is a more complex way like the same colour thread  through a cloth. Indeed  it is researching such events over many years and they way they show up in aspects that make prediction possible. A similar aspect or sequence of aspects can cause a similar chain of events

But Can the exact same aspect or component of a chart, or the  same chart like a twin chart have a different meaning? Yes, just as a human characteristic, lets say assertiveness, can be used for good in the world and make a person confident kind, and able to handle life well, so the same characteristic  in another person can make for a cruel bully who forces her way through life. A Mars aspect can make a person independent able to fight for what’s right or negatively it can make someone simply quarrelsome  rebellious, angry without case. The two sides of the  coin, the sun and the shadow, the differences and similarities of charts, these themes go through astrology, Your chart could be the same as someone who lived   more than a century ago, but  what if she was you in a past incarnation, what if it really was the same chart. Astrology has mystery that go unfathomably deep.

We all have things in common with each other in life. We might be reading the same book as our neighbour, or wearing the same coat as someone unknown, thinking of someone we lost touch with long ago, who is thinking about us.  We look across a crowded room and see someone looking back. The same glance the same moment. We see a small child with the pet dog we had as a child. Not the same dog but its identical in colour and breed. No matter how many possibilities there are in the universe there are repetitions, there are variants there are sibling twins and strangers.

My greatest concern is always for you, you are special. When you get a reading from me, its as  unique as  its possible for any astrology reading or any astrologer to be. No other astrologer can do what I do. I will  constantly work and research to make my readings better for you.

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