Astrology explained

In the core of traditional astrology every degree, planet, sign has its own individual meaning. The planet Mars for example is the God of war. He rules the colour red, cruelty, cuts and wounds, speed.  He also rules the sign of Aries. So, when Mars is in aspect to the House of Marriage he would colour that area of your life in some way.  His energies would fall like a mask across the fate that draws you future partner to you,  and from this we can make certain predictions, e.g. the partner may be an Aries, or a soldier, though it is not as simple as that. The Mars energy will be blended with the other energies in the chart. The soul mate could have traces of a fiery quick passionate temper, or perhaps the love of your life could be a foxy beauty with flaming locks of Titan red hair. Mars in your individual chart is not the same as Mars in the same sign in another person’s chart, because your Mars has aspects that the other doesn’t, it is in a different angle, house and degree.

Years of specializing in this area of astrology means I can tell you how your chart influences your future, in graphic detail, describing your future Soulmate’s looks,  character, initials of their name, when and where you are likely to meet, and more. I have to generalized to simplify what is a much complex technique. Each planetary influence is judged by its relationship to the individual chart as whole, no planet can be read in isolation. It is dedicated, hand crafted work done on your behalf. I am helped out by my natural psychic abilities which can add details that astrology sometimes cannot.But this brief insight may help you understand just a little of astrology, how it works. This kind of detailed analysis applies not only to the Soulmate chart but to every reading I prepare.

Astrology has so many uses but here I attend to the astrology of relationships. Following your Soulmate chart you may request Synastry, where two charts are compared, yours and your partner’s, to answer question about the relationship, or to determine its future. Karmic Astrology may also be helpful to you, looking at how your past life can affect your future and help to overcome unseen obstacles. Order your Compatibility chart from Ivarna in the Soulmates Order page

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