Aries Year Ahead

Your horoscopes for the year for Aries in the distinctive style of Ivarna. Like this post if you want Year Ahead for more signs.

Born under fire Aries is the ram; you are quick thinking, sharp, clever, independent. You like to come first. Ambitious and humourous. Your ruler Mars will turn direct in the end of June. And with it you will feel you have turned a corner. You will meet someone with a black hat or black hooded coat,  and waving brown hair, lean but whose eyes seem to burn through you. A person who’s life is full of secrets. Romance is possible, but only of it begins before the autumn.

You will find the answer to a situation begun about April. and can move on from there. Matters to do with working life, are brought to your attention in the summer. The possibility of an increase or promotion, travel in connection with working life, or health is also likely. Warm feet or new boots for the autumn. Also a gift from someone that is vaguely 1930’s in design. There will be a journey made by train this year that is eventful and helps you sort out your mind.

The autumn this year is a good time for the beginnings of new love. Jupiter comes into your seventh house where he will remain  unstill autumn 2017. Lady Aries can expect to meet a slightly  older looking man, who is tall upright, sturdy, with light brown hair, slightly receding and fair complexion, with the odd blemish or ravage, apt to flush and sweet easily under exertion, kind sociable and popular, liking sports. While gentleman Aries can  look forwards to a girl with swathes of thick mid brown hair and a mature figure with a large smiling mouth. For those Aries who have already found a soul mate marriage or engagement is on the cards, under this Jupiter transit.

In the winter Saturn turns direct. Thoughts of past people, past places and worry’s about others begin to end or be overtaken by a more settled and optimistic trend in your life. Some Aries will return to old beliefs or to an old church that has not been in your life for a long time. A monument in a  distant place also claims  your attention, like a symbol of something more, or an icon of how you will remember than place.

Uranus  has been making a long enduring aspect to your twelfth house Chiron. Difficult and troubled issues that have been worrying you now, and over the past months, will eventually come to an end with the end of the year or be resolved in  early 2017

With Saturn in the ninth house, travel will tend to be delayed, difficult, or less often  then you hoped.

Head aches, eye problems, and shocks or sudden dangers from electricity, are to be  warned of. Possible abdominal problems.  Unplanned visits to hospital will also occur, and concern over someone’s mental health, or you yourself may feel headed for a breakdown. Anxieties come to an end just after the end of the year and you feel healed  and at peace and ready to  begin a new phaze, new direction that promises to be happy and exciting.


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